7 Tips to Help You Choose New Windows

Sash WindowsIf you want to purchase sash windows, timber windows, or aluminium clad windows, there are a lot of choices. Regardless of how complex your project is, the following tips will help you make a solid choice.

  1. Find out what the industry performance standards are. This will help you choose a windows supplier who meets or exceeds these standards.
  2. When considering companies, look at the portfolio of work for windows projects they have supplied windows and /or work for. This can give you a good idea of the skill set and versatility of each company and if you’re still in the design phase of your project, this can give you inspiration as well. A company that does bespoke windows, for instance, can be well-worth dealing with when you have very specific needs.
  3. Look at the standards and specifications of each company. Are things like security, energy savings, weather tightness, environmental sustainability, and warranties discussed?
  4. What sort of warranty is offered? Is that warranty insurance backed? Windows can be very expensive and that’s one of the reasons the warranty is especially important. When comparing the costs of windows, take the warranty into account as a lengthy warranty is a great sign that you’re making a quality-driven choice.
  5. Does the windows manufacturer have a good industry reputation in terms of customer service and quality? You’ll want to know that you’re dealing with a well-reputed company to minimise problems and to have a good experience, should problems arise.
  6. Do they offer installation services as well? A one-stop shop is often preferable, rather than having to hire a company for manufacture of their windows and then having to find another company to do the actual installation.
  7. Consider maintenance. Perhaps you want traditional windows. But maybe you’re open to traditional-looking sash windows that have modern conveniences. Certain windows are designed to be easier to clean and maintain. This is especially the case with sash windows. 360 degree pivoting and assisted opening might be features that are big selling points to you. It’s wise to look at several options to make sure you make a choice you’re going to be happy with.

When you buy new windows, there are a lot of different choices, including: timber, aluminium clad, sash, outward opening windows, inward opening windows, and more. Regardless of the style you’re looking for, taking the time to make the right choice is a worthwhile investment of your time and energy.