Tougher Government Glazing Regulations

All new or replacement windows installed after April 2002 must comply with Document L, the Government’s tougher heat retention regulations, Window Energy Ratings (WER).

Document L deals with the heat saving properties, the “U-Value”, of windows. The better heat saving properties, the lower the U-Value.

All new or replacement sash windows and hinged windows have to be manufactured to meet the new, higher demands on insulation, giving you more warmth and comfort as well as better heating economy. In fact, it means that, unless it is a listed building, the new or replacement windows have to be double glazed to this new standard, whether or not they were before.

Window manufacturers products are tested and accredited for compliance by the British Fenestration Registration Council. Windows will be supplied from the manufacturer with certificates that authenticate compliance. The minimum is Window Energy Rating (WER) C.

The responsibility for the compliance lies with the installer via the Local Planning Authorities Building Control Department.

To ease the burden the new regulations place on Local Planning Authorities, new organisations FENSA and CERTAS has been launched.

Making the Grade

TRC had its products tested and certified by the British Fenestration Registration Council.

As we only install our own products, we can guarantee compliance and will handle all aspects of certification with your Local Authority.

This ensures in any future search on your property, the correct certificates will be available to a prospective purchaser or tenant.