• Makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Sashes are removed from inside the building
  • Sashes simply unclip from sash cords
  • TRC’s own design
  • Discreet design, not visible in normal use
  • Installed by our expert window restorers

Save time and costs on sash window maintenance, thanks to our clever, discreet sash window removal system.

Our sash window removal system makes it easy to remove both top and bottom sashes from the frame. Cleaning, painting and maintenance can be carried out with ease – saving time, costs and disruption for the life of the window.

Discreet design

Our sash window removal system is entirely contained within the sashes, so nothing is visible once the window is in normal daily use.

The system is suited to traditional box sash windows of all eras and styles; and it makes a sensible addition to any sash window refurbishment programme.

How the sash removal system works

Installing the system

Our window experts will install the system to ensure that windows operate smoothly and securely.

  1. A small recess is routed into each side of both sashes to hold a cord clam.
  2. The sash cord is fed through a cord retainer, which clips into the cord clam; and the sashes are then replaced.
  3. The staff bead on the right hand side is secured using a press fit dowel connector, so the bead can be removed easily in future.

Removing the sashes

  1. Simply pull off the staff bead, then tilt the window inwards to reveal the cord retainer.
  2. Unhook the cord retainer and gently allow the sash weight to lower within the box. Repeat on the opposite side. The bottom sash can now be removed.
  3. Remove the lower half of the parting bead so that the top sash can be lowered, tilted and removed in the same way.
  4. To replace the sashes, follow the steps in reverse.

While installing the system we can also fit draught proofing, and upgrade the sash window glazing to modern performance standards; as well as rectifying any damaged or decayed timber.

Get in touch to ask us about installing our sash window removal system.

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