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We transform decayed and damaged windows, frames and sills – returning them to their former beauty, and protecting them for the future.

Our particular expertise lies in historic timber window repairs, particularly heritage sash windows and casement windows.

Our process for seamless timber window repairs

Our expert window restorers apply attention to detail at each stage, to give truly impressive results.

1. Remove. We gently prise out decayed and damaged timber from windows, frames and sills - retaining as much of the original wood as we can.

2. Replace. Where decay is severe our skilled carpenters replace sections of timber with new joinery work to closely match the original.

3. Fill. We treat the remaining timber with a multi-stage epoxy resin repair system called Repair Care

4. Smooth. Using specialist tools, our trained window restorers carefully smooth the surface of the repair to match the shape of the original timber, so that it blends seamlessly.

5. Finish. Finally, the window is stained or painted as required.

6. Maintain. We also offer a preventative maintenance service for windows, to reduce or prevent future decay.

The unique benefits of Repair Care

Repair Care is a multi-stage epoxy resin system, with versatile product options to suit every repair scenario.

The resin holds its form well during application, so we can create external corners and three-dimensional shapes with ease. Once cured, Repair Care can be drilled, stained or painted, just like timber.

All of our window restorers are specially trained Repair Care certified professionals, giving the assurance that each repair will be carried out with skill and sensitivity to the building's needs.

For more information please refer to the Repair Care website, or ask one of our team if you have a specific question.

Get in touch to speak to us about your next timber window repair project.

Speak to us about your next timber window repair project.
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